As a result of aging, many seniors (elder people) will eventually require some level of care and assistance with their daily living, as aging process restricts person’s activities in their daily lives, making independency is too difficult.

If you are concerned about your parents, struggling unnecessarily, it is always good time to be proactive and make it easy for them and yourself;

We at Eureka Home Health Care, understand the difficulties that you face when your parents are unable to perform basic daily living tasks independently,

And as we believe that people value their independence and privacy, and they don’t want to be a burden on their family, we make it our goal to meet with your parents’ needs and promote independence in their personal home environment.

If you are not sure if your parents need home care services, there are some indicators to help you identify the potential need for home care services.

  • A recent illness or injury that affects their ability to function on a daily basis.
  • If they suffer from impaired vision, hearing and / or alertness, as this may increase their risk for being involved in accidents.
  • Reduced personal ability to perform personal hygiene and impaired ability to personal grooming, mouth care, toileting or dressing.
  • If your parent became anxious, irritable or depressed.
  • Being unable to manage own medications properly.

If you have concern even with one issue, it may be good time to take an active role in your parent’s life; it is always the right time to consider using a home care agency, to provide you and your parents with the needed assistance. 

You can request for counseling and health coaching visits, or plan for elderly care schedule from few days per week to 24/7 care and companionship.

Feel free to seek the advice from Eureka Home Health Care professionals to help you and your family to make the suitable care decision.

You can contact us and discuss your concerns; we are sure we can work the best care plan that is customized to your parent’s individual needs and arrange for the appropriate care.

Our daily living activity services include:

Perform personal care and hygiene (bathing, grooming and dressing)

Assist with feeding.

Assist with mobility and transfer.

Escort to doctor appointment and social visits.

Organizing and helping with personal tasks.

You can depend on Eureka Home health Care to assign a qualified and compassionate nurse or Health care provider to take care of your parents,

During Assignment period all our nurses and care providers are fully supported and supervised by Eureka qualified case manager to ensure the highest standard of care tailored to the need of each client.

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