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Eureka Home Health Care is one of the leading caregivers in Dubai, UAE with an outstanding reputation to its credit. Over the years, we have put in the efforts to build and maintain an excellent reputation by delivering world-class services to patients across Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.

With extensive experience to our credit, we understand how difficult things can become for you when your parents start finding it troublesome to performance basic daily chores. We also understand the importance and value of independence and privacy for people, and that no one wants to become a burden on their family and loved ones. It is because of this that that we have taken it unto ourselves to ensure that your parents' individual needs are met as best as possible. Our sole priority is to promote independence in their personal home environment where they are surrounded by the people they love most.

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With the passage of time, a number of seniors or elder people will eventually require a bit of assistance and care with their everyday living. This is because aging has the potential to restrict their activities, thereby making it harder for them to live independently. In the long run, this can make them struggle and suffer unnecessarily. To make things easier for them and yourself, it is vital for you to take a proactive approach and take on the services of a professional care giver in Dubai.

Benefit From The World-Class Services Delivered By Expert Caregivers

As thorough professionals with a deep understanding of individual patients' needs, we ensure that all our clients have a compassionate and qualified nurse or health professional assigned to all our clients. This is important as it guarantees that the individual health care needs of the patients are fulfilled as best as possible.

During the assignment period, our nurses and care givers receive unparalleled support and supervision from our qualified case managers. This is done so as to ascertain that patients receive the highest standards of care that are tailored as per their requirements. The range of services that we offer is inclusive of:

  • Assisting with basic mobility and transfer
  • Ensuring personal care and hygiene
  • Assist with feeding
  • Organizing and helping with basic personal tasks
  • Escorting to social visit and doctor appointments

Signs Your Loved One Requires Caregiver Services

If you are unsure whether your parents require the assistance of a professional caregiver, there are certain signs that can help you identify the potential need for elderly care services. These include:

  • If they have lately become irritable, anxious or depressed
  • A recent injury or illness that has impacted their ability to function on a daily basis
  • They are unable to manage their medications on their own
  • They find it hard to perform personal hygiene
  • Impaired ability to mouth care, personal grooming, dressing or toileting
  • They are at increased risk of getting involved in accidents due to impaired hearing, vision and/or alertness

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