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Hire A Home Maternity And Baby Nurse In Dubai

Eureka Home Health Care provides a range of comprehensive post-natal care services right in the comfort of our clients’ homes. Our focus is on providing new mothers across Dubai with all the support and information that they need to fulfill their babies’ needs. With efficient newborn baby care and the support provided by our maternity nurses in Dubai, new mothers are in the position to experience this exciting new stage in life with confidence

Trusted Home Nurse For Baby At Your Service.

We boast of a team of qualified registered maternity nurses in Dubai with a treasure trove of experience in providing world-class baby care services to new mothers. To add to their credit, they have a deep understanding of the unique needs of expectant mothers. This allows them to offer targeted support that can have a positive impact over the family and home.

Out of the extensive range of home baby care services that we offer, a few are:

  • Changing nappies
  • Providing baby care and observation on a 24-hour basis
  • Feeding and sterilising baby bottles
  • Bathing newborn babies

With the help of our maternity nurse at home, your first few steps into motherhood will be more rewarding and far easier. It will give you ample time to bond with your newborn in the earliest stages of your baby’s life. Not only that, the entire experience will be considerable more fulfilling and enriching instead of exhausting.

World-Class Newborn Baby Care Services

Upon getting in touch with Eureka Home Health Care for baby care or maternity nurse services, we will assign a case manager or highly experienced home maternity nurse to you. This person will be your primary point of contact, and will be responsible for providing the comfort and reassurance required to manage your baby’s care and feeding schedule successfully.

The different ways in which your case manager will provide care upon visiting your home include:

  • Providing psychological support and encouragement to the mother
  • Ensuring the well-being and growth of the baby
  • Checking on the post-natal recovery of the mother

As experts in their fields, case managers are an excellent resource for families with new-born babies. They hold the expertise required to advise mothers about:

  • Baby eye care
  • Taking care of the umbilical cord
  • Formula feeding
  • Breastfeeding & common problems associated with it
  • Breast care
  • Post-circumcision care
  • Baby bathing

Professional Home Care For Premature Babies

At Eureka Home Health Care, we take pride in also providing specialised care for premature babies. We understand that this can be a difficult time for new parents, and provide elite level treatment for their precious little one.

Our home nurses and highly qualified, experienced and trained in providing the highest levels of care for premature babies. This ensures that parents have utmost peace of mind knowing that their baby is receiving world-class care at all times.

Get In Touch Today For Reliable Maternity And Baby Care Services

If you are based in Dubai or anywhere else in the United Arab Emirates, and are planning to welcome a new family member in your life, then get in touch with Eureka Health Home Care through our contact page to find out how we can help you.

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