24/7 care and support to patients from newborn to elderly


Eureka Physiotherapy

Our Home Physical Therapy Service is designed to treat a wide range of patient’s needs, and it helps those patients who require physiotherapy in their own homes. It also helps patients achieve their health goals of physical independency.

Additionally, home physical therapy removes the need for patients to travel to an outpatient facility, where they might experience environmental stress. It is a more convenient and comfortable treatment option that provides them the same high level of care and attention from our team of physiotherapists.


  • Rehabilitation after Surgical Treatments.
  • Elderly Rehabilitation.
  • Stroke Patient’s Rehabilitation.
  • Post traumatic Treatment.
  • Home Safety Assessment and providing safety plans
  • Pain Management Therapy
  • Chest physiotherapy.
  • Caregiver training for proper handling and manipulation for their patients.
  • Therapeutic Massage for muscle, joints, and soft tissue injuries.
  • Physical Treatment for bedridden patients.
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