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Male Nurse at Home

To ensure efficient care delivery and continuity of care to our patient, Eureka Home Health Care have experienced and trained male nurses deliver high level of nursing care to our patients.
Male Nurses offer a wide variety of services, such as those related to hospice care, parental feeding, and mechanical ventilation.

Services Delivered by Male Home Nurses

  • Evaluating the elderly Health Needs by a registered nurse
  • Guidance for safe Environment Management
  • Nurse case management and medication management
  • Training for Private Nurses and care givers.
  • Post Discharge Care
  • Hospice care provided by a registered nurse
  • Bed Sore and Wound Care
  • Oxygen Therapy.
  • Tracheostomy Care.
  • Foleys Catheter Care
  • Home IV Infusion for Vitamins and Medicine.
  • Home Blood investigations through accredited laboratory
  • Diabetes Care and Insulin Management.
  • Keep a track of patient records
  • Healthcare practitioners are informed of patients' vital signs through a system of continuous monitoring

Benefits of Male Home Nurse Service

Due to age or disease, it may be difficult to travel to receive infusions, injections or do blood investigations and wound dressing at scheduled appointments .
With Eureka Home Care Services no need to travel or worry about timing and schedules for hospital or clinic visits all your health care needs will be delivered at the comfort of your home.
Patients who suffer from chronic or recurrent wounds are best served by receiving care in the convenience of their own homes.
Moving patients back and forth between hospitals increases their vulnerability to complications and infection. Same to those who suffer from Cancer or other chronic disease
Home nurses can visit patients at home to provide the care they need, thanks to Eureka Home Health Care.

Home Health Care Service will ease the Life of Your Patients and Yourself.

There are lots of benefits to having a male nurse assist your father or a male loved one through their aging or acute sickness.
The male nurse is physically and professionally capable of caring for an elderly client with a full confident; they can single-handedly accomplish any task.
Your father or any of your male loved one who require nursing care at home is more comfortable and confident when he receive his full care by a male home nurse

Eureka Home Male Nurses Services Include

  • Administer medication

  • Medication management.

  • IV infusion

  • Checking vitals

  • Giving Medication

  • Drawing Blood

  • Monitor Blood Sugar

  • Administer Insulin

  • Administer Oxygen

  • Suctioning

  • Tube Feeding

  • Catheterization

  • Wound care

  • Escort to Hospital

  • Travel Escort

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