24/7 care and support to patients from newborn to elderly


1.Travel Nursing

If you are travelling outside U.A.E

If you are concerned about being sick, having a sick or disabled loved one, or having a dependent parent, and you are planning to travel outside UAE.

Whether you are travelling for vacation, or for medical treatment and rehabilitation,

If you have any medical, health or safety concern that may affect your decision to travel.

It is the right time to contact us and ask for our travel nursing services, have peace of mind and choose a suitable plan for you;

Patient Escort during the flight only / Airport to Airport Escort.

Patient Escort to Hospital or Residence.

Patient's companionship outside U.A.E

2.Baby Sitting Services

Being a mother of one child or more, is a full time job which add more responsibilities and demands to your life.

Whether you are a working mother, or simply busy with social relations and responsibilities,
or even if you are visiting Dubai for Vacation

It is always the good time to ask for expertise help.

Our Baby Care Service, will help to reduce your frustration and give you the peace of mind and personal time you desire.

Our team of Baby Care Staff are from multi nationalities speaking English,Hindi & Arabic etc.... and our staff are Educated and Trained nurses, have good experience with baby care, caring and loving to babies and kids.

To help you make your decision; feel free to book a trial period of 6 hours shift.

During Assignment period all our staff are fully supported and supervised by Eureka maternity case manager to ensure the highest standard of care.

If you are considering hiring your full time nanny, we can help you to evaluate your short listed candidates and train them for you.

3.Part Time School Nurse

4.Part Time Company Nurse

5.Hospital Escort & Companion

6.Replacement for Private Nurses

7.Training for private care giver

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